I only brew double trouble

Let's play 'shut-up' you go first

don't come too close it's dark inside

I play games with my own rules

I hear you but i won't listen

leave me alone! solve your own problems

i will kill you... kidding no, seriously... run!

I serve pork and say it is halal

i left a light on for nobody

i am ugly what is your superpower?

Explaining introversion

oh no, not again that pizza dude

I am lucky in my bad luck

It hurts when i laugh

Dear aunties, welcome to my backyard

M-M-mirror on the wall I am the cutest of us all

I am done with you seriously

age is not a number it is a word

I am not angry, just happiness challenged

keep on rollin' life is a journey

listen, my name is g-o-d-d-e-s-s

i can play the drum pa rum pum pum pum


MY violin and i love vibrations

homework is evil

Shoes are important ask cinderella

i was born wise streetwise

Librarian's water runs deep

It's as cold as your heart

I dug all my way up from hell

i Don't do fashion i am fashion